Diversity in UNI

Celebrating Diverse Cultural Holidays & Festivals

Being an international student, the resonance of cultural and traditional festivals celebrated on campus is nothing short of a comforting embrace that brings a sense of home. In todays article we will learn more about how the campus celebrates various Cultural Holidays & Festivals with our students.

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In this post, I am eager to shed light on the commendable initiatives orchestrated by the Office of International Engagement (OIE) at the University of Northern Iowa. The OIE’s dedication to celebrating diversity among international students is truly noteworthy. Through a variety of cultural events and festive gatherings, they create a vibrant tapestry that honors the richness of different cultures and traditions represented within the university community. These initiatives not only foster a sense of belonging for international students; but also serve as a platform for cultural exchange, enhancing the overall university experience.

Celebrating the Festival of Lights – Diwali 🪔

Spooky Celebration Halloween in Fall 🎃

Halloween is not a prominent celebration in my home country. So stepping into the vibrant Halloween culture in the US was a novel experience. The Office of International Engagement (OIE) orchestrated a memorable Halloween party, capturing the essence of this widely cherished American tradition. As fall leaves adorned the campus, international students eagerly joined in the festivities. They also wore amazing costumes that reflected both their cultural backgrounds and the spirit of Halloween.

From spooky decorations to themed treats, the event became a melting pot of diverse cultures coming together to enjoy the thrill of this October celebration. The Halloween party organized by OIE not only brought the joy of the season to international students; but also served as a delightful cultural exchange. The sharing of unique perspectives on the festivities, make it a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Check out how OIE hosted a Halloween party below. You will be amazed to know how international students embraced the festivities. To immerse themselves in the American tradition and adding their unique flair to the spooky celebrations.

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 🥮

OIE also organized the Mid Autumn Moon Festival, another culturally enriching event. Across various Asian cultures, moon festivals are celebrated during the harvest season, featuring the creation, sharing, and consumption of moon cakes—a delicacy. Lanterns play a symbolic role, representing the illumination of a path toward prosperity and good fortune. Although I had never attended one before, the experience was truly amazing. I had the opportunity to learn the art of lantern painting, participate in the making and savoring of moon cakes, and indulge in a variety of delicious treats. The event provided a unique and enjoyable immersion into the traditions and festivities associated with the Mid Autumn Moon Festival. All International students really appreciate for the fact that UNI celebrates Cultural Holidays & Festivals

A Culinary Journey with the African Student Union 🍚

Here’s another event that added a flavorful twist to campus life – the African Student Union’s cultural and culinary extravaganza. International students gathered to share in the vibrant cultures and mouthwatering dishes from various African countries. I had the opportunity to savor the delectable combination of rice and Chicken Curry, along with a tantalizing array of curries prepared in the authentic styles of nations like Nigeria and Ethiopia. Let me tell you, the flavors were absolutely fantastic, offering a unique and delightful taste of Africa right here on campus.

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