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Are International Students Welcomed in Student Organizations?

As I considered of joining a club, the initial question that crossed my mind was whether international students are truly welcomed in student organizations in US?

In today’s article, I aim to articulate the significance of being involved in student organizations. Beyond the academic realm, these organizations offer a unique avenue for personal growth, fostering connections, and building a sense of community. Whether aligned with one’s major or centered around personal interests, participation in these groups provides opportunities for skill development, cultural exchange, and the chance to contribute meaningfully to the campus environment. Through involvement in student organizations, individuals not only enhance their college experience but also lay the foundation for lifelong friendships, leadership skills, and a broader understanding of the world around them.

The advice to engage in one club aligned with your major and another reflecting personal interests is golden. The major-related club not only deepens your academic understanding but also connects you with like-minded peers and potential mentors. On the flip side, the club tied to your interests allows you to unwind, explore passions, and foster a more holistic university experience. It’s a dynamic approach that not only broadens your skill set but also ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable journey through your academic years.

My Experience in Clubs & Associations at UNI

I have recently joined the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and the Entrepreneurs Club, both of which align with my business major. Since becoming a part of these clubs, I’ve been exposed to new experiences such as company visits, conferences, and trips. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and gain insights into the industry.

American Advertising Federation (AAF)

Upon enrolling for digital advertising course this fall, I discovered the American Advertising Federation (AAF), guided by my professor who serves as the club’s advisor. Attending a conference in Des Moines provided an opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of advertising and creative design. My experience as a member has been truly enjoyable. I look forward to more engaging moments with this amazing club.

Entrepreneurs Club

Another one of my favorite clubs is the Entrepreneurship Club. One reason is that most of the club members have small businesses, and it’s fascinating to hear their stories. The second reason is that the club organizes visits to various companies and small businesses created by entrepreneurs. We get to listen to their life journeys. We also have the opportunity to engage with these entrepreneurs in person during social events. Isn’t that cool? Additionally, the club arranged a trip to Chicago for its members.

International Student Promoters Club (ISP)

Additionally, I decided to join the International Student Promoters (ISP) club based on my interest. My motivation stems from wanting to assist international students, much like myself, who aspire to study in the US. In this club, we learn valuable tips on how to professionally engage with potential students. We do so by offering campus tours, creating a supportive and informative environment for those considering studying here.

International Club of Business Students (ICBS)

I am proud to serve as the President of the recently formed ‘International Club of Business Students,’ a result of the merger between two former clubs, the Global Trades Club led by Professor Chris Schrage and the International Students in Business group led by Professor Shahina Amin. This club serves as a platform for international students with an interest in international business to connect with U.S. business students, facilitating discussions and idea-sharing about their experiences in the field.

One of the club’s highlights is the opportunity for students to participate in worldwide competitions. A team comprising Jade, Matt, and Hayes (U.S. students) and Gavik (International student from Sri Lanka) will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland, next year to compete in the NIBS – Network of International Business Schools Worldwide Case Competition. Leading this incredible team has been a rewarding journey, and I am excited about the positive impact our club is creating for international business students.

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