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A Homecoming to Remember

Homecoming, particularly for international students, is a cherished occasion filled with fond memories. It offers a unique opportunity to forge lasting connections, create unforgettable experiences. And feel a deep sense of belonging at their adopted university. It’s a time when cultural diversity meets school spirit! And students from all corners of the world come together to celebrate their academic journey. Most importantly create international friendships that last a lifetime.

What is homecoming?

Homecoming at the University of Northern Iowa, like at many other universities, is a traditional event. That celebrates the return of alumni to their alma mater. It typically includes a series of activities and festivities designed to foster a sense of school spirit. And unity among current students, alumni, and the broader university community. Homecoming events often feature activities such as a parade, football game, social gatherings, and other special events. Which may vary from year to year. It’s a time for alumni to reconnect with their university. Meet with old friends, and show support for their alma mater.

Here are two popular activities for international students to engage in during homecoming:

1) Amazing Race

The “Amazing Race” at the University of Northern Iowa is an exciting and competitive event. In this university version, students form teams and navigate a series of challenges, clues, and locations on campus. To complete tasks and race to the finish line. It’s a thrilling and team-building activity that combines problem-solving, physical challenges, and a sense of adventure. Making it a memorable part of the university experience.

International student teams participating in the “Amazing Race”

Some photos from the challenges

Our international team secured first place, competing against all the teams from UNI

2) Homecoming Parade

The University of Northern Iowa’s homecoming parade is a vibrant and community-oriented event. As part of the festivities, local community members enthusiastically line the parade route. Waving and cheering in support of the students and their alma mater.

In this lively procession, international students play a special role. They proudly showcase their diverse cultures by donning traditional costumes and carrying flags representing their home countries. This cultural exchange adds a unique and enriching dimension to the parade. Celebrating the global diversity present within the university community. The parade becomes a dynamic reflection of the university’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding. And unity among students and the wider community.

Introducing our fantastic international students!

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