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Welcome to Working Mothers Connect – a blog for working moms! For moms who work both in and outside the home or moms who have limited time. Or for the moms who need to know that there is someone going through the same sh*t they are!

Throughout this blog, you will find content related to topics that moms will find useful, interesting, and helpful. In addition, I plan on posting tips that moms can use, talking about a range of topics, as well as posting what other moms in the community have to say about their experience with balancing work and family. working moms

But, you might be thinking, what makes this blog so different than all the other online blogs right now?

This blog will feature interviews with mothers from different aspects of life. I plan to feature single moms, younger moms, older moms, etc. I’m hoping that this blog can help moms from different walks of life. Whether you are a mom who is lonely, looking for advice, or just wanting to connect with other moms, this blog is just for you!

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Meet the Blogger

Hi, my name is Grace! I am a student at a university located in the midwest. My hobbies include traveling, photography, and exercising. I am an identical triplet and also have a sister who is 3 years older than me.

My mom sure had her hands full! Although I am not a mother, I am very much interested in having a professional career as well as a family because I want it all. Furthermore, I was fortunate to watch my mom balance a career while trying to raise 4 girls. I am passionate about learning from hard working mothers who are, quite literally, the glue to every family. I am an advocate for working moms everywhere and am excited to form a community centered around working moms.

Feel free to comment below some blog topics that you want us to talk about!

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  1. Jess L Hunt

    Thank you for creating this community! Excited to watch it grow!

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