10 Most Useful Travel Hacks For Moms

Do you have a trip lined up in the near future and need some tips? Here are 10 travel hacks for moms that you can utilize to make it go a little smoother.

1. Utilize plastic wrap to prevent spills travel hacks for moms

When packing a liquid into a container with a screw-on top, put a piece of plastic wrap between the bottle and the lid to help prevent spills. That last thing you want is to open your bag and find that something spilled when traveling!

2. Store grocery bags in a tissue box

Your family will produce a lot of trash while traveling. Using grocery bags is a great way to keep your car clean from clutter. Try storing them in an empty tissue box for easy access.

3. Bring balloons to keep your kids entertained

The benefits of balloons are endless. They take up little space when packing. The process of blowing up the balloons provides a distraction and gives kids something to do. Balloons are fun to play with and are a great way to get a child’s energy out.

Child playing with balloon for travel hacks for moms

4. Designate a comfy outfit just for traveling

It is important that you and your kids are comfortable when traveling to make the ride more enjoyable. Bring a bag and fill it with outfits to change into when you’re done traveling for the day and put your car clothes in the bag. When you’re on the road again, just pull out that bag and change into your car clothes. Doing this saves you time from having to dig around in your suitcase!

5. Freeze water bottles for chilled water throughout the trip

The night before you leave, throw some plastic water bottles in the freezer. With time, the water bottles will thaw out leaving you with refreshing cold water. This will save you space from having to haul a bulky cooler to chill your water.

6. Bring a 13-gallon size trash bag for dirty clothes

We all know a suitcase is bound to get messy throughout a trip. Make sure to pack a 13-gallon size trash bag to throw all of your dirty clothes in. This will help to keep your suitcase more organized and easier to find clothes.

7. Utilize library books to keep kids busy travel hacks for moms

This hack is easy and budget friendly! Before you leave, take a trip to the library and check out as many books as you can. Books are a great way to keep your kids entertained and they might learn something new while doing it!

Child packing her clothes for travel hacks for moms

8. Pack outfits in gallon size Ziploc bags travel hacks for moms

When packing your children’s outfits, put each outfit in a gallon size Ziploc bag for easy organization. Write the day of the week that your child will be wearing the clothes. Mornings will be a breeze with pre-planned outfits!

9. Utilize a notebook and markers for entertainment

Make sure to pack a notebook and some markers for the trip. You can have your child write what they’re excited about seeing or doing on your trip. They could also draw pictures of the activities that you will be doing to get them excited!

10. Make a snack bag for each child for easy access

We all know snacks are a must for a trip of any kind. Packing snacks in advance can help save time and money. It is a great way to keep the peace in your car and to give your children a personalized selection of snacks they will want to eat! Here’s an idea to get you started!

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