A 21-Year-Old Daughter’s Perspective on Working Mom Guilt

Are you a mom who struggles with working mom guilt? Keep reading to learn more about what a 21-year-old daughter has to chime in about this.

According to verywellfamily.com, working mom guilt is when something happens that makes you feel guilty about being a working mom.

You might be thinking, what input does a 21-year-old daughter have to say about working mom guilt? Well as a junior in college, I see myself being in a challenging and rewarding career someday. Along with that, I see myself having a family of my own. But I know these two areas in life also conflict with each other, sometimes prioritizing work over family time when necessary. I watched my mom work full time putting in countless hours at work to make sure our family was cared for. And that is something I will forever be grateful for. Here are some things I noticed about my mom who worked.

We understand that you care working mom guilt

Growing up, I caught my mom apologizing frequently for missing extracurricular activities or working overtime hours. But what many moms fail to realize is that there are more ways to show that you care than just supporting your children at events. My mom showed that she cared by working her butt off to support our family. She put in countless hours at work so that we could come home to a cooked meal every night. In the time that she did have off, she would spend it with her children. So just some advice to all the moms out there; your children see the sacrifices you make everyday. And that’s how we know you care.

working mom guilt with baby

We hate that you feel guilty about working

I always hated when my mom would apologize for missing events or family time because she had to work. I knew she would be at those events if she could. But sometimes work is a priority and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. We understand that work is a necessity to keep a family running. So next time you’re feeling guilty about working, I challenge you to communicate this to your child. Chances are, it doesn’t bother them as much as it bothers you.

We will survive without all the mom “expectations”

As a mom, you always want the best for your children and to be the best mom for them. I think many moms take this to an extreme and form an unrealistic perception of what a mom should be. You don’t have to make that homemade breakfast every morning, be there in the doorway greeting your kids when they get home from school, or cheering your kids on at every game. It’s unrealistic to think that you can be everything at once. In addition, it allows your kids to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them. So focus on your family’s needs and do what works for you.

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  1. Lauren

    Thank you for sharing such an open and honest blog post. I am not a mum yet, but I can’t wait to be one. But I understand the guilt feeling. But you are working for your family and that shows your daughter the importance of perseverance. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren x

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