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Top Gen-Z Fashion Trends of 2022 & What Will Be Popular This Fall?

If you know me by now, you know I am a Gen-Z. And being a Gen-Z comes with big responsibilities… like knowing how to dress cute! With social media making a huge impact on our society today, fashion trends are always changing. Although fashion trends are subjective and anyone can wear whatever they want, certain styles and trends have become very popular this year. 

Non-Skinny Jeans

If you haven’t heard by now, skinny jeans are canceled. Although they used to be a staple for me growing up, the past few years have really changed how pants are supposed to fit. Instead of wearing skinny jeans, try for a less-fitted look like mom jeans, 90’s jeans, or flare jeans. 

Claw Clips

You’ve probably heard of scrunchies making a comeback as a popular way to tie up your hair but another huge trend that has happened this year is using claw clips to do the same thing. Although I still sometimes use my scrunchies, I have been using my different colored clips a lot more recently. They are a cute and stylish way to put back your hair without tangling it. They are super efficient and functional for all hair types.

Biker Shorts With Oversized Shirts

One of the most popular trends this year is to simply be comfortable, which is why biker shorts have made a comeback in Gen-Z fashion. Throwing on a pair of biker shorts with an oversized shirt or sweatshirt is a great way to look fashionable but also comfortable. It’s a college staple right now and this is definitely one of my go-to outfits for class or working out.


Corsets are back! Although they aren’t the corsets you might think of. The style that is in this year is more “flashy” with bright colors and sheer fabric. Corsets are being styled with mini skirts or low-rise jeans to get that old 90s or Y2K feel. Although they might now be everyone’s style, I think it adds a unique look to what we’ve been seeing. The most popular corsets come from Urban Outfitters and Amazon where people tend to buy the same top in an array of colors.


On the other hand, minimalistic is also in right now. Personally, I think this is a great trend because it allows people to buy basics that can be paired with anything. When thinning of minimalistic, think blacks, whites, tans and cute basics. 

Platform Shoes & Cowboy Boots

Platform shoes have made a huge comeback in the past couple of years. It started with platform sandals, then it went to sneakers and heels. The “chunky” look is definitely in right now. Think Bratz Dolls. 

Gold Jewelry

Jewelry is something that anyone can buy and it will last a lifetime. There have been recent trends with chunky, colorful jewelry, but those trends never last long and then you are stuck with rings and necklaces that don’t match. For a better, more natural look, go with some sleek gold jewelry that can go with virtually any outfit. Mixing gold with silver has also been a new-coming trend lately that I think will take over as well.

Button Downs

Classic button-downs are a staple you need in your closet because they are great for any season. Summer? Wear it as a cover-up on the beach. Spring? Pair it with a pair of shorts and sneakers. Fall? Wear it with jeans and your favorite booties. Winter? Use it for layering? They are great for dressing both up and down and you can get them in any color or style. My favorites right now are the silk ones!

Predictions for fall!

Now, those were some of the most popular trends up to this point in the year. Since it is almost time for people to start to dress warmer, let’s get into some trends that might be popular this fall and winter.


I think blazers are going to be very popular this fall. Not only because they add a fancy look to your outfit, but because you can dress them up and down. They are a perfect staple to add to your fall/winter wardrobe because they are classy and timeless.

Cargo Pants

I have never owned cargo pants, but I feel like they got a lot of traction last fall so I believe they will make a comeback this year. This type of pant is what I imagine when I think of influencers or “cool girls.” If you need a pant to spice up your fall wardrobe, these are the ones to get!

Midi/Long Skirts

Mini skirts are out, midi skirts are in! There is nothing better than a classic long skirt with heeled booties during the fall time. Plus, they keep you warm, unlike mini skirts paired with tights. I think we will be seeing this trend a lot this fall season.

Neutral Colors/Basics

Like the minimalistic style, this type of neutral or basic trend will also be in during the fall season. I can guarantee we will be seeing browns, blacks, whites, and greens very soon. So, if you’re like me and love neutrals, fall 2022 fashion is perfect for you!


This might be a little controversial but I think loafers will be in this season. They started to get popular last year but died down fairly quickly. People have many opinions on these types of shoe. Personally, I think they are cute! They look old-fashioned but have a perfect modern twist. They can be dressed up with business professional clothes or dressed down with a pair of legging or jeans. They are a perfect fall shoe!


Sweater vests were super popular last year and I think we will see them again this year but in a new way. I think we will see the same style of vest, but perhaps a little bit more sleek and professional like the example shown here.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets used to be a hit when I was younger and I have already seen them start to make a comeback this year. They can look a little different when trying to wear them because of how bulky they are, but if you know how to style them, they can be super cute and a fun way to switch up your style!


This fall season I am predicting we will see a lot of leather. Leather jacket, leather coats and leather boots are all a great staple to add to your closet this year. If you take one piece of advice from this post I would suggest buying simple leather elements to add to your outfits.

Like I said before, fashion is wearing what makes you feel the best. There is no right or wrong piece of clothing to wear at a specific time, but there are trends that people like to follow to stay “in the loop.” Personally, I love looking at trending clothing and online shopping to fit popular aesthetics. But, on the other hand, there are also trends that I just won’t follow. Social media influencers have a huge role on these trends and are essentially what makes these things popular. Tune in next week to see who the biggest social media influencers are and how they rose to their fame.